clicks2bricks mortgage web app

The Challenge:

A new concept for the online mortgage brokering space was put forward, combining instant access to advice and key facts illustration through to AIP (Agreement In Principle) in a single, mobile-friendly place. The concept brief was a sketch.


After initial user and process research, we began aiming for the MVP - the mortgage process for first time buyers. Having sketched and wireframed the key steps a user goes through, this was applied to a unique UI designed to be ultra simple and to differentiate from the competition. Naming needed to be user friendly and memorable - clicks2bricks and the strapline 'Move Faster' encapsulates the speed of going from zero to mortgage with this online service and also the speed with which you can physically move.


The owners are extremely excited about the potential of this new brand, and were very happy with the web app design. Whilst still in development, this concept has attracted multiple investors and is set to make a big impact in 2017.

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